Forestry is a core activity of the Maderas José Sáiz, S.L. company since it constitutes a guaranteed supply of primary material 55%-75% of this activity is undertaken in Spain and the remaining in France.

Harvested timber types are almost 100% softwood (pine and spruce) and hardwoods circumstantially (Poplar and Eucalyptus).

In order to carry out these operations we have, in addition to qualified teams of workers, the most modern forestry equipment such as 7 processing forest adapted to forest reliefs, 5 autoloaders wagons, 3 forestry trucks 6x6, 1 skidder, 1 backhoe especially adapted for logging and thinning and 8 truck crane with double traction to adaptation to the parks and trails with difficulties. Spanish or French technicians direct this sector of activity, according to the operating zone.