The control of entry and reception of raw material is carried out using a modern system of bar coding, supported by a Computerized Process specially designed for this company.

On the weighbridge, lorries are weighed and mesasured, and an initial visual sorting is carried out, according to variety, quality, condition and category according to diameter. Using these data we give the timber a place in the storage yard and afterwards it is sorted and the supplier is noted.

A profitable area of more than 60.000 m2 is available as a storage yard for raw materials, where timber is stored according to the data obtained at the weighbridge, in lots duly identified and separated accoding to category, length, variety, and supplier. Storage positioning is carried out based on the Maderas José Sáiz, S.L. Site Plan, but is always adapted according to production needs and to the stock of raw materials in the yard.

At present, we are in the process of installing an Irrigation Yard, where the timber can be stored during long periods, which will avoid problems of log stain and accumulation of dust.

In order to move all this timber, we have the most modern equipment available on the market such as Sennebogen 723 Mobile-HD, Volvo L180F High-Lift or Volvo L120F.

For the sorting process there are three sorting lines, equipped with the most modern technology for high resolution in three dimensions, based on a scanning process for the wood which separates the logs according to variety, quality, length, diameter, taper, curvature, etc.

Following the processes of scanning and sorting the wood, this is now ready for use in the sawmill. In addition to separating the logs it gives us exact data about the characteristics of the timber which tell us the total volume, usable volume, lengths, diameters, taper, curvature and percentage of declive timber.

The sorting process is essential for increasing the amount of wood that can be made use of and for optimum performance in the sawing process.