How we use the cookies

 A cookie is a file of a very small size that downloads in your computer when you access to certain web pages. The cookies allow to a web page to store and to recover, among other things, information about the habits of navigation of a user or of his equipment  and, depending on the information that they contain and of the form in which his equipment uses, can be use for recognizing the user.

 The cookies that we use in serve to improve the services that we offer you. Some of them are strictly necessary in order for the page works well and others serve to improve the performance and your experience as user.

In use the cookies that relate later:

The performance  cookies serve for:

• To improve the functioning of the web site reducing the time while you are loading the pages that you visit

• To improve user experience.

The goal cookies serve for:

• That you could share and do click in " I like ".

• To send information to other web sites to personalize its advertising.

The analysis cookies serve for:

•Maderas Jose Saiz Is able to know the behavior of the users in the web page and, in consequence, be able to improve the form in which this page answers to the demands of our clients.

If you do not enable the cookies, some functions and pages will not work well.

 If you want to erase the cookies that you have in the computer, do click in "Help" of the menu of the browser to see the instructions.

Also you will find more information about the cookies and how to manage them in http: // (English) or in the menu "Help" of the browser.

How long the cookies may be stored?

As you will see in the list of the following pages, many cookies are temporary and they will disappear when end the session (when you close the browser). Other cookies are "permanent", which means that they will remain stored in the computer during a time.

In our list we detail the period of time during which the cookies will be stored in the computer

What happens if I don´t use the cookies?

 If you do not use the cookies during your visit, certain functions and pages will not work correctly.

If you want to eliminate some cookie that is already  in your computer, you must consult the instructions of your software of files management to find the file or directory where the cookies are stored.

To obtain more information about the elimination and management of the cookies, visit http: // or do click in "Help" in the menu of the browser.

About this document:

This document has been realized of conformity by the legislation of the EU as for electronic communication (Directive) 2009/136/CE of the European Parliament and of Council of November 25, 2009, by that is modified between others the Directive 2002/58/CE relative to the treatment of the personal information and to the protection of the intimacy in the sector of the electronic communications). According to the applicable regulation, the companies and organizations must offer to the visitors of its web sites a clear and complete information about the use of the cookies, especially on the purposes of the treatment of the information, in accordance with the Directive 95/46/CE, and must obtain the assent of the user for the activation of the cookies.

To be easier, the following pages show  many of our cookies classified by groups. It would turn out impossible to describe totally clear each of the cookies. And the descriptions that they accompany on every group define greatly each of them.

If you want to obtain more information about the cookies and the way of eliminating them or to manage them, visit http: //