Using the boards and blocks that come off the sawing line, the manufacture of pallets is carried out by two modern automated nailing line, wich has a production capacity of 420 pallets per hour.

The Europallet, or UIC, is an approved product which complieswith the norms for manufacture, marking and control set out in the Quality Standards for European Pallets (code 435-2) under the Technical Rule Book of UIC (the European Pallet Association).

Maderas José Sáiz, S.L. is one of the first companies in our country to get approval for Europallet manufacture, and has the registration number E-017. Other approved models of pallets are also produced, such as the CP940, used for transporting chemical products, as well as other types of packaging products, all of which can be adapted to the specific needs.

Inside the sawmill complex four hot to fungicide treatment, and four dryers are available, having a capacity of 500 m3 per drying session.

This drying system uses a boiler which is run on solid fuel recovered from forestry by-products such as sawdust, bark, etc… In addition to generating the energy needed for the correct functioning of the dryers, this is environmentally friendly.